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Thank You


¡Gracias! to my peeps (visible and invisible) who have supported me throughout the birth of Mommy Moo Moo Board Books® and Damara® Publishing: God, also known to me as Heavenly and Great Spirit and the Creative Life Force of the Universe; my Inner Voice; Nathan Barbuto, Jr.; Ashlee Barbuto; Rachel Barbuto; Rosalina Barbuto; Gigi; Betty and Charles Young; Doug Young; Tripp Longest; Dave Hill; Tom Edwards; Nick Piasecki; Melissa Baughan; Brent Davis; Maria Fleshood; Sherron Marquina; Charlene Dortch; Jo Ann Light; Isabelle Boyd; Alisa Greene; Neil Magnuson; Katie Carmichael; Drew Shores; Scott VanWagner; JP Payne; Kris Spisak; Keith Bell; Teresa Cherry; Lee Baughan; Tammy Dudley; Audrey Aldana; Caroline Taylor; Blair Hartley; Jessica Matthews; Tammy Smith; all of the Angels, Fairies, Goddesses, and Saints; my Maternal and Paternal Grandparents and Great Aunt Audrey who have crossed over; my Ancestors; and my Spirit Family. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Amen.

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